Cons of Consciousness

Are you been there??

The Bittersweet Post

I’ve no answers to why I sit down before my keyboard and type. There’s a compulsive urge for spilling my thoughts that I can’t help but give a form. I guess I am securing myself some sanity.

Whatsoever, I produced a good, dark cup of coffee minutes before, but that has already turned cold. The coffee was steaming hot few minutes earlier, but physics played with it. The atoms of hydrogen and oxygen that made this fluid called water in which I dissolved this semi-addictive brown powder have now slowly receded, searching for a perpetual rest. But these silly molecules don’t even know that they are far, far away from their destination of an absolute zero. They’ve some energy still left in them, but I have already labeled it ‘cold’. So the coffee’s bound to be deemed cold.

Maybe I should have used a metallic mug, but ceramics are inherently…

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