What can be a great company then of friends. Friends those I haven’t listened saying NO yet. It was 8am as usual our shining time. We all live in the same house with each different room. One suddenly came out of toilet with excitement. He said lets go to Naryanthan, Kavreplanchok. We had just waked up. All said yes. We went for tea. While we were eating breakfast, I suddenly remember a task to be completed the same day but I had already said we shall go today. A confusion. After convincing one hour I finally was convinced. We had just 800 rs each. At 10 am we leaved for panauti from Dhulikhel. It was just 30 minute far from Dhulikhel. While waiting for bus, we planned to get lift from any vehicle that come first in the way. Afterward a truck came. We all put our hands up symbolizing the lift sign. Yeah the truck stopped. It was like a small room inside in the cabin and seem we are much above the road that we didn’t feel in any bus. Road is muddy and broken at several places. We get off in panauti Bus Park. We went for bus to Dhumkharka. We get to know bus will leave at 1pm for Dhumkharka. We had enough time then. We went for shopping in that time. We buy Noodles, Biskets, and many other things (u understand). Then we planned to panauti town. In the way we saw a museum. We went in. A lot of traditional instruments were in that in Museum. Un noticely it was about to become 1pm. We rushed to Bus Park and directly went to the roof of the bus as you know its totally fun watching scenarios from bus roof. In the way a lot of other people were also in the bus roof. We sang songs while travelling. We missed guitar too. Road was totally muddy and unpitched. It is of village road. Travelling side by the river and passing through woods and dangerous hills we reached Dhumkarka after 2 hour from Panauti. I had only bag. We were in a new place and we didn’t know is there place or not. We asked people about hotels. They replied there is no hotel after Earthquake. We were terrified and we made plan that we shall go to Narayan than directly than. We asked people is it possible to Narayan than. They said there is no places or houses at that places and its about 3 hour walk in deep jungle of tigers. Afterward we need to stay at dhumkharka. After searching and asking people we finally get place to eat and live. They offered a place in there house and charged us only the cost of food. We then asked them to make local chicken. While that time we roamed the village. Unnoticely we had walked 5km away from Dhumkharka, while returning its was 7pm. We didn’t have camera nor a mobile with good megapixel. Fortunately I had GPS in bag. There was a embedded camera in it. We took photograph from that GPS. We freshen up and had dinner. We tasted the wine they offered us, they said it is good during winter to make body warm and it was there culture that offer wine. . What a taste it was. We loved it. . The old man who was the father of the house owner joined us. He told us the time when he was young. He said he and his friends used to make sweeper and take it to capital city Kathmandu to sell and generate some money to buy rice. They used to walk to reach Kathmandu. He told a long time there used to snow that it was difficult to walk also. They used to remain inside of house for weeks, but now it’s been so long that he hadn’t seen snow falling in Dhumkharka. He further said king Mahendra had come to Narayan than in house. He said king left horse in the midway and went to Narayan than on foot. It was hard to believe but he further said king had flew in Narayan than. We asked 2-3 times, he flew? He replied the same answer. We convinced our self that what if at that time they had powers. He shared a lot of other things which made us more interested to go to that place We went too room and planned to leave for Narayan than. In first hour we wake up because the last bus to panauti from Dhumkharka leave at 4pm. We began to talk about ghost stories while sleeping. Everyone one had their stories. Soon we feel asleep.
We waked up and were becoming ready for walk. The owner said you might lose the way, but lucky enough my daughter is going to village where Narayan than is halfway. We get company of 2more kids. We finally left for Narayan than. The way is steep up. We went through jungle and hills. While we reached the top of first we could see Dhumkharka a deep below and we could the Himalayan range also. There were destroyed houses in the way. Earthquake has affected every house. People had made temporary house of tin. We could also feel how difficult to live under It during winter season. We went on. After walking 2 more hour we finally reached Narayan than. When I checked GPS it calculated 3000 mt. we were amazed by such height. As we go up the mountain we were only on the top. A down below there was cloud everywhere. We were above cloud. Due to brightness of the cloud, eyes became watery. We too see our national bird rhododendron. Watching the cloud below us it felt like jump over it and we will stuck in the cloud. It was such a view that we want keep everything inside in eye. When suddenly cloud went away in east direction, we went to that cliff. Our heart suddenly get afraid of that height. It was a vertical cliff of about 90 degree. We could see down below. It was so such down that we could not stand in that place. We lay down and see the down places. We bowed in the temple and see the cave. Afterward we began to eat our lunch. After staying about 1 hour in there I returned to Dhumkharka. I returned alone and reached dhumkharaka in one hour. I catch the bus and returned to dhulikhel. But whole time the view was in my eye and my heart was still beating strongly because of such cliff.
(the journey of 3 hour from Dhumkharka to Nayanthan will be posted soon)

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