International Workshop On Advance Geo spatial Technologies for Sustainable Environment and Culture

“The workshop is an event of International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote sensing , technical commission VI/6, September 12-13 Pokhara, Nepal”.

Organized by 


2.Ministry of land Reform and Management

3.Ministry of Education 

4.Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

5.International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote sensing

6.Nepal Remote Sensing and Phototgrammetric Society.

      The theme of the workshop is  “Advanced Geo spatial Technologies for Sustainable Environment and Culture”.

  The sub theme consist of following topics:

1.Advanced Geo-spatial technology

2.Disaster Management

3.Capacity Building

4.Cultural Heritage

5.Environment and Natural Resources

6.Sensor and Platform.


As the technology is advancing , the innovation and development are gearing up. Geospatial technologies are the modern means for optimizing resources precisely leading to improvement in accuracy and also invreasing integration of digital survey data with other technologies. Spatial information become the cornerstone in decision making and instrumental to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a  government including help to reduce crime, prevent diaster, conserve environment and building resilient society  among others.

The  technical program spans topic from GIS to Remote sensing , Photogrammetry and Image analysis special application considering the particular needs of Nepal are forestry, Natural resources and Animal Conservation and Education.


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